Home is a human right

The notion of home is something many of us have found ourselves reflecting on in the last year. Our bedrooms have turned into offices and we dream about bumping into friends in the street or travelling to far flung destinations. But despite how tired we are of the inside of our apartments, they keep us safe – they keep us grounded and remind us of who we are.

The Better Shelter is a modest construction developed for extreme situations. It is flat-packed to allow emergency dispatch to wherever the next disaster strikes. The two boxes contain all the parts for an entire shelter of 17.5 m2, which can be built in a matter of hours with the help of pictorial manuals, designed to be easily understood no matter where you come from or what language you speak.

The steel frame provides the core structure of the shelter – keeping everything in place and its residents safe, even in extreme weather. The solar powered charger lets people stay connected with loved ones, and the lamp provides light at night where there is no other power supply. Within these four walls and under this roof, a family can recreate a sense of home.