How much of my donation goes toward a Relief Housing Unit (RHU) or Structure?

100% of your donation will be used to fund (parts of) a shelter and/or shipping of a shelter to one of our projects

All parts purchased through the shop are symbolic to ensure that our resources reach the people who need them most.

The shelter is 17.5 m2 (L 5.68 m x W 3.32 m x H 2.83 m) and is designed for five residents by humanitarian standards.

What is the Relief Housing Unit (RHU) made of?

The roof and wall panels are made of plastic foam, and the frame is steel. It is designed for contexts with an urgent need for shelter but without access to local building materials. Local materials can replace the shelter's roof and walls if they become available later.

What is the Structure made of?

The frame is made of steel. 

How long does a Relief Housing Unit (RHU) last?

Minimum of three years, but the lifespan also depends on where and how the shelter is used and maintained. It is designed to be upgraded with local material over time, extending its lifespan significantly. 

How long does a Structure last?

The frame lasts at least ten years, and the entire shelter's lifespan will depend on the wall and roof material used, the building techniques and the maintenance of the shelter.

How do you get the shelters to where they are most needed?

We collaborate closely with many non-governmental organisations and UN agencies worldwide. We provide the shelters, with guidance and support, and our partners ensure that the shelters reach the families and the programs in the greatest need.

Yes. While it was developed as temporary housing, thousands of shelters serve as health clinics, child-friendly spaces, offices, classrooms and even libraries.

Better Shelter is a Swedish nonprofit owned by the philanthropic Housing for All Foundation, established by the IKEA Foundation (the IKEA company's philanthropic arm). Better Shelter is driven by a mission to achieve social impact and improve people's lives – not to make a profit.

Who does Better Shelter work with?

We collaborate with some of the world's leading agencies, including the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), The Red Cross and UNICEF. 

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